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DescriptionGiuliano Caffè is an artisanal high quality coffee roaster active, since 1950, in the Ho.Re.Ca. and specialty coffee segments. We are committed to the careful selection and roasting of the best single-origin specialty coffee and to the artisanal preparation of the finest coffee blends, both for espresso and brewed coffee. Prized since several years by SLOW FOOD with the “MAESTRO DEL GUSTO” (“Master of Taste”) award, we focus on excellence in quality and taste, promoting artisanal versus industrial production.
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      High quality artisal coffee for Gourmet Retail

      We created a brand new coffee line designed specifically for Gourmet and Delicatessen retail.

      Two of our blends (Virtuosa and Vivace) are available both in 1kg and 250gr format.
      The packaging is in natural paper and has a vintage and appealing look, reflecting the extremely high quality of the product inside.

      This new line embraces also our single origin coffees, which, coming from a special single origin, present very peculiar characteristics and are particularly aromatic.
      Our single origin coffees are available only in beans and in 250gr natural paper packs.
      The three main single origin coffees we selected are:
      - Honduras Ocotepeque
      - Indonesia Sumatra Raja Batak
      - Tanzania Kilimanjaro

      The innovative aspect of our products is the packaging, which looks - at the same time - natural and vintage, but also fresh and new.

      The main market for this line is Delicatessen and Gourmet retail.

      We are looking for a distributor who operates in the Delicatessen and Gourmet Retail.

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      High quality artisal coffee for HoReCa

      We offer 1kg packs of our artisanal coffee blends, for which we use only the best quality coffees.
      We have five different coffee blends, each one with a different flavour and body:
      - Virtuosa 100% Arabica - sweet and delicate
      - Espresso Italiano 90% Arabica - classic and fine
      - Concerto 70% Arabica - intense and fragrant
      - Vivace 50% Arabica - creamy and fragrant
      - Golden 20% Arabica - well-bodied and super creamy

      The market application is distribution to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés mainly.

      We are looking for a distributor in HoReCa market

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      1. Sales / Distribution

      Distribution of high quality artisanal coffee in the HoReCa and gourmet retail segments.

      We currently have two different product lines:
      - The traditional line, which has a more traditional package, is usually meant for Ho.Re.Ca clients and is available in 1kg format.
      - The gourmet line, which has a more innovative packaging - designed specifically for gourmet and delicatessen retail - is available both in 1kg and 250gr formats.

      For each blend we employ only coffees of the best quality, and we slowly roast – though a twenty-minutes roasting process – batches of maximum 100 kgs, in order to provide our clients with artisanal products of the highest quality, which are very different from most of the coffees available on the market.

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