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DescriptionAgrofood company

The company “Gustopiù” was born in 1990 in Venetico, in the province of Messina, Sicily. It is specialized in the production and preservation of vegetables in oil and vinegar (mushrooms, small artichokes, eggplants, dried tomatoes and all kinds of black and green olives). Gustopiù sells its products on the local market, but also in the province of Messina and Sicily. As time went by, the company became well-known in various Italian regions and abroad as well. Despite an increasingly growing production, the concept of hand-made products and typical recipes has never been abandoned. Following the Sicilian tradition, Gustopiù also specializes in the production of starters, such as the typical Messinesi stuffed olives, eggplant, pepper and zucchini rolls and last but not least, Italian sweet peppers with anchovies.

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    Our production is based on the packaging of different sizes (polypropylene trays of 200/300/1000/2200/4000 gr.; glass jars 300/700/1000/3100 gr.; vacuum-sealed packages) of preserved vegetables, such as mushrooms, eggplants, small artichokes, dried tomatoes, several types of starters and all kinds of black and green olives. Raw materials come from the Mediterranean, Europe and of course Sicily.
    Gustopiù specializes in storing all of its products in 200/300 gr. trays (as shown on the website, which is very convenient in terms of transport since the tray only weighs about 10 gr.
    The company would like to place its products both on the European and extra-European food market and address importers and wholesalers, specialized shops and supermarkets.

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