Sandro Cenedese

Lia Teo Italian Fine Wines and Food

Bilateral Meetings

  • BUSINESS MEETINGS. Please fill the cooperation profile
Description30 years old Consultancy in the international market wine and food business.
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Food Tourism

    Territorial Marketing

      Wine Tourism

        Offer & Request

        Wine and Food

        We offer cooperation with outstanding italian wineries and innovation in food for the export markets.

        We are looking for cooperation/synergies with foreign Tour Operators.

        High profile and luxury proposals concerning wine tourism in the Venetian region, Venice, Prosecco tour and Dolomiti tour.

        Cooperation Offered
        1. Sales / Distribution
        2. Outsourcing co-operation
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Technical co-operation
        2. Outsourcing co-operation