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Le terre di zoè
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    Organic products

    Organic farm Gerace Maria Caterina, passed on to the third generation, is located in the South of Italy, in the district of Reggio Calabria, near the famous port of Gioia Tauro, useful to shipments overseas.
    It has an area of about 20 hectares, located in different municipalities of the district, with different characteristics, appropriate to the type of culture.
    Organic cultures are:

    - Hayward Kiwi

    - Clementine

    - Valencia Late Oranges

    - Olives

    Since 2004 we have chosen to convert to organic farming, to support clean agriculture. Annually the company Q Certificazioni Srl confirm the goodness of our production through a certification of compliance.

    Since August 2012 we are also part of the Foundation "Campagna Amica" and since April 2013 we are member of AIAB, an Italian Association that support Organic Farming.
    These new steps are an additional guarantee for our customers, about the authenticity of a product exclusively "Italian" and strictly "Organic".

    The experience of decades of sales to fresh market, allows us to be specialized not only in the production phase, but also in the harvest phase by specialized staff.
    The traditional business of selling fruits is now integrated with a new business of transforming our fruits into jams, marmalades, nectars and juices. The birth of this adventure has been titled with a new name, which becomes the brand but also the underlying theme: "The lands of zoe' ".

    Zoe, ζωή, derives from the ancient greek and it means "essence of life."
    For “essence of life” is meant both fruit, to which land give life, so it means for us the impulse that led to this new evolution.
    How to perceive life if not with the "5 senses". They are involved in all steps leading to the harvest and transformation of our fruits, that will delight your palate, and to realize our jams and juices.
    In order to transform in the best way we think it can be done, in one hand, we harvest fruits at the right point of ripeness and sugar level, on the other hand we entrust specialized laboratories, that on their expertise, are able to treat the product in the best way.
    Craftsmanship of the transformation means that our product receive specific treatments that makes it unique and different with respect to industrial production.

    In the month of May 2013, during the fair Tuttofood in Milan, we won the award in the Competition QUALITY CERTIFIED in the category Preserves. This award confirms that we are on the right way both for ORGANIC choice then for a clear and careful COMUNICATION, via website, catalogues and labels.

    To confirm our constant desire for growth and expansion, since July 2013 we are registered at american FDA and we have a U.S. agent that assist us on export to U.S.A.

    Further confirmation of how much we are committed to export outside from Calabria, the best that our territory can offer, in July 2014 we won the award OSCAR GREEN Calabria, in the category EXPORT THE TERRITORY.

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