Simone Ottaviani

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DescriptionThis superior extra virgin olive oil is brought to you by the Ottaviani family from the northern area of the Lazio region. It is made from 100% canino olives that have been hand picked from the local olive groves in Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, Barbarano Romano, Blera and Vetralla in the Viterbo Province. To maintain the highest standards for freshness, our family hand selects the olives and insists that they are pressed within 12 hours of their arrival to the mill. To deliver that extra special flavor, our olive oil is not filtered, but rather left to decant resulting in a natural sedimentation. For generations we have dedicated ourselves to producing only the finest quality extra virgin olive oil.
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          Extra Virgin Oil - Proposal of technical visit

          I looking for a company interested to visit my company to learn how to produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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