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Description Torrefazione HAITI,  a coffee roasting company based in Milan since 1947,  produces a variety of coffee blends that come from careful selection of raw materials used in the production processes. The company uses different varieties of the highest quality coffee beans only from carefully selected crops all over the world. The company is looking for distributors and trade agents for its products.    The company offers a different products such as 3 coffee blends from Robusta to 100% Arabica, coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee pods. The pods are biodegradable and after use they can be thrown to organic waste.Within 15-20 minutes 120 kg of green coffee are roasted, obtaining 98 kg of roasted coffee. The air, using during the roasting process,  starts from 500°C  and then decreases reaching 350°C  and it doesn’t get wasted, but it is rather used again to don’t lose the aroma unleashed by the coffee during this process. Once roasted, the coffee has to be cooled down quickly, using only cold air instead of water, which would alter the aroma and unfairly increase the weight. The different varieties of raw coffee are  roasted  separately, following the proper roasting recipe for each and every variety. The blending is done after the roasting,  using the right proportions of «Arabica» and «Robusta», so to amalgamate them harmoniously. Each coffee harvest presents specific variations that have to be assessed. All Roasting’ blends are composed by no less than 7 types of coffee of different origin: Central and Southern American «Arabica», and African and Asian «Robusta». Coffee needs a certain period of time, which may vary, for both the aging (maturation) and the degassing (gas venting) process. During the aging, coffee goes through microbiological mutations that keep modifying its taste. The coffee is stored into silos divided according to quality, for approximately 8 days, before packaging or grinding it. The clients always receive their deliveries within no more than three/four weeks from the date of roasting to guarantee them ideal freshness, aging and aromatic quality of coffee.  The company provide technical assistance and training services for its products thus guaranteeing maximum quality results. The company  is subject to Hazard analysis and critical control points or HACCP self-regulation system and respects packaging standards to guarantee safe and healthy products.
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    Looking for distributors and trade agents for our great coffee roasted.

    Torrefazione Haiti seeks distributors and agents with direct sales channels to the HORECA sector for a long-term commercial relationship.
    The company is, expecially, looking for distributors for its coffee caps “Nespresso Compatible” or for its pods of coffee to retail.

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